As an industry-driven Research Innovation Action, the MASTERLY consortium leverages its partners’ extensive experience in various industrial sectors to tackle the technological barriers and identify the necessary enablers for enhancing the flexibility of material handling in production lines.

The project’s concept is shaped by use case requirements, and the following functions are the direct outcomes of these industrial needs, mapped to MASTERLY’s specific objectives:

Objective O1:

Innovative, efficient and low consumption systems for storage, retrieval, conveying and pick-andplace using a multi-disciplinary approach combining technologies

Objective O2:

Robust handling devices and systems, with integrated –AI driven- advanced control

Objective O3:

User-friendly interfaces for robot/machine control and programming

Objective O4:

Interoperable S/W and H/W interfaces

Objective O5:

Industrial Pilot Cases for work piece handling in full production line
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The concept of MASTERLY is built around a number of building blocks, consisting of several modules. The goal is to develop a solution that can easily adapt to various scenarios, both in terms of hardware as well as software.

More specifically, the five building blocks are the following:

  • MASTERLY Robots
  • MASTERLY Grippers
  • MASTERLY AI driven modules
  • MASTERLY programming and interaction tools
  • MASTERLY integration platform

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